A Collection By Rosie Blay

A collection by Rosie Blay for A/W 2011/12

Friday, 18 March 2011

I've created these little swatches using the actual fabric samples i have at home. This particular sample is a sample of french knitting i have done.

This is my first finished garment. This is a gathered faux leather skirt. I am very proud of this piece and I think its going to look great on the catwalk.
I'm currently working on my portfolio. These are my colour boards, i'm not too sure of which one to use.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Reloved Young Designer Of The Year

"The catwalk show features some of the Uk's most 'ethically aware' designers and retailers. The event will culminate in the live final for the 2010 Young Designer  of the Year, with a catwalk of the final designs all created from charity shop donations."

This is my vintage inspired garment from last years fashion show.

I've been looking at Vogues online website and came across this dress when looking at the trends. I think its absolutely stunning and i love the detailing around the neck.

My collection

I'm currently in the process of producing my collection. I have 12 pieces in my collection and I'm currently working on 5. I have completed one garment, which is the leather gathered/pleated skirt. I have sewn this to a size 12. I've lined and hemmed it and inserted a zip. At this moment in time I'm working on another skirt which is of a similar style. It's to the knee is is a browny camel coloured skirt, I have toiled this with a zip and lining and is ready to make up in the proper fabric. The third garment I have started it on is my body-con dress I have made the pattern and have made a start on the toiling, this will be made up in a stretchy lilac fabric. I have started also making my patterns for a shirt and a pair of pants but have not made a start with pattern cutting. I will be looking to continue with all this things this week. I have also started with my knitting as this is the main focus of my collection. I have started knitting two scarfs one using a french knitting technique and one using a normal knitting with a plain stitch and a purl. These two scarfs are in the process of being made. I have also started knitting a jumper for my collection using the same wool as one of the scarfs, I haven't made a big start on the jumper as I'm have some technical difficulties with it. One thing I am worried about with my collection is the colour palette, I feel I have a lot of mixed colours and I'm worried they might not flow into one another too well.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I found this image in my Vogue magazine. I think its really beautiful. If i was to describe my collection with a picture this would be the picture i would show. I love the dress, by Alexandra McQueen, the model is wearing in the picture and i like the way it flares out. I would like to use this picture in my portfolio either to describe my customer or my concept.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Lady Gaga

 I absolutely love this dress that Lady Gaga wore to the Brit Awards in London last year. It's very inspirational and i'm looking closely at this while designing my collection.

Knitting my collection.

I have been taking knitting lessons from my boyfriends nan. I've come to the conclusion that knitting my whole collection will take me far too long and as much i would like to be able to do it all by hand i won't so my own nan is giving me two knitting machines to help me with making my collection. This will be really helpful and give me some more time to concentrate on the tiny details.

Monday, 10 January 2011


Me and a few of the girls from the course decided between us to organise a trip to London to seek inspiration for when designing our collections. We stayed in The Holiday Villa in Bayswater it was quite local to the centre of London, just a short tube ride away. we visited the V&A and looked at the fashion exhibition. I was rather disappointed with this as it was the same exhibition as a few years ago so their was nothing new. I also looked at Oxford Street at the highstreet stores for inspiration as i love the British highstreet.

All these images below are from the Fashion exbihibition in the V&A.

Me at the V&A

This is me at the V&A in London.

London 2010

This is a jumper i found in Topshop in Oxford Street when researching. i thought it was beautiful but it was way out of my budget at £75. I think thats a lot for a woollen jumper at a high street store, although it was extremely heavy.
These are some pictures i took on the way to college one day when it was snowing really bad and i got caught up in a lot of traffic. I took the opportunity to take some photos of the beautiful Welsh countryside while i was waiting in the traffic.

The smallest church in Wales

This is a picture of the smallest church in Wales. This church is in a small town called Rhos-On-Sea right near the sea. The church is still fully functional and runs services on a weekly basis.
The smallest church in Wales.

Inside the smallest church in Wales.

Chloe a/w 2010

This is Chloe's Autumn/Winter 2010. the thing i love most about this collection is there is so much camel tones in it. I love the combination of camel, browns and red i think they clash but in a good way and work really well together. i love the texture in this above piece especially in the woollen cape its looks so chunky and warm. 

I love this outfit i think it looks so sophisticated. i think the tailored trousers work so well with the silk shirt.

This is another of my favourite pieces from Chloes A/W collection. I love the textures in these pieces and the colours are gorgeous. I will definitly be using leather in my collection because i love the way the lights reflect of the pants in the picture. I also love these boots shown above i feel they work so well with every piece they've been used with.
Miu Miu A/W 2010 Collection

Miu Miu Collection

When researching current trends i was most drawn to this collection by Miu Miu. I think its absolutely stunning.  I adore the colours that have been used and the style and silhouette of the collection. I love theme with the pockets that have been used throughout the collection. my favourite piece is the black jumper with shoulder pads and the yellow collar accompanied by the lilac skirt with ruffled flower like pockets. I have definitely taken this collection as a source of inspiration for my own.

My Favourite Piece.